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Thread: I've got Fister's results

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    I've got Fister's results

    I called the vet and got the results of Fister’s blood work. It is within normal, so I can’t understand why he won’t drink. He does eat a little bit, both Whiskas wet with extra water in and a little dry food. Only three times this week he has been drinking out of his glass. OK, he may drink a little from his Pet Mate fountain, I can’t tell, but he usually drinks from his two glasses, one in the corner of my bedroom and the other on my bedside table. He hasn’t done that lately.

    Here is what the normal numbers are:

    Urea normal = 5,7-12,9)
    Alat normal = 12-130)
    Glucose normal = 3.94-8,83)
    T4 normal = 10-60

    And here are Fister's recent numbers:

    2010 - 6/5

    Vægt 6,90 kg
    Urea 10,7
    Alat 40
    Glucose 6,14

    2011 - 24/5

    Vægt 7,2 kg
    Urea 10,2
    Alat 42
    Glucose 7,36

    2012 - 20/2

    Vægt 7,61
    Urea 11.0
    Alat 78
    Glucose 5,74

    2012 - 18/12

    Vægt 5,92 kg
    Urea 9,3
    Alat 60
    Glucose 7,8
    T4 test 46,3

    Fister got some very nice Christmas presents... a bed that a friend sent him from London, and a very smart toy + catnip that can be put inside, from auntie KK. He loves them both.

    I got a few pics of him you can see here:

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    I also uploaded a few videos from the past week. Well, it doesn't seem to work, I've uploaded them to my PT album and I get question marks when I post them here. In my album "Videos", they look blank. Then I tried on Photobucket, but that gives me a new window with "beta" in front, when I try to log in. Do any of you upload videos to Pet Talk or to Photobucket?

    I even tried to delete this post, but that I couldn't do either. Hmm!

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    Cute pictures with his new toys! It's great that his numbers were normal. Maybe his appetite is just changing. As long as he is not dehydrated I guess that is the main thing.

    Unless you catch him sneaking food from somewhere else, I guess it's just his 'new normal'.

    Hugs to Fister and his very caring cat mom!
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    Hi Fister, how's it going?

    Well, good news the lab work is all normal!

    Could it be he has a bit of arthritis and drinking from a glass is no longer a comfortable position for him? If he is not getting dehydrated, then he IS getting the fluids he needs. And this could be from the fountain, as you say you don't know if / when he uses that. Or maybe he just decided he prefers the flowing water?

    Seems you can sit back and relax, and THAT is a nice thing!

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    Dearest Fister, we're so glad your lab work is normal!!!

    What nice Christmas presents you received! And you are clearly enjoying them very much.

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    Dear sweet Fister, I am so glad your blood work looks very good! Vægt - is this weight? You're down a bit from where you were. Could you please have mum give you a HUGE hug and snuggle for me, dear handsome orange kitty. You look very comfortable in your new red bed!
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