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ID:	55699This handsome BIG devil showed up on my porch Dec 29 2010
when i got home from work he was sitting on the grill and
when i stepped on the porch he MEOWED really loud (scaring the bejesus out of me!!)
and leaned out for me to give him rubbies.
I thought my husbands friend was there and that his cat followed him to our house!
He came in ate found a place to sleep and thats where he stayed.
The next morning he went out when I left for work but when I pulled into the driveway that
night he was waiting for me and in the house he came.
We asked almost everone one the block checked the deli's and the A&P for missing cat posters
Brought him to the vet he was fixed but no chip. Posted lost cat found on Craiglist too NO PICTURE
We already had 4 cats (MY LIMIT IS 3)
After 2-3 weeks my husband suggested taking him to the town pound.( I CRIED LIKE A BABY)
SOOO that is how I became maid25cats
One of the houses we went to ask if the lost a cat they asked if he had a collar with a bell and I said yes,
she said someone came to her house on Thankssgiving asking if she was missing a cat.
Here is just 2 pictures of my boy that I have on my work computer. I will post more when I get home tonight.
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