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Thread: Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

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    Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Wowee, we are getting hit with a big one right now. It has been snowing since early last evening and it is supposed to continue throughout the day today. Wowee again! I have yet to take the dogster outside. I should. She is piddle pad trained, so that is not an issue until it's pooping time. She prefers the outside potty for pooping, thank goodness. Having her use to piddle pads saves on trips into the dark nights and icy day falls! Now that I am getting up there in years, I try not to venture out when it is going to put me at risk. Sad, but true. Wish I had a fenced in yard.

    So, how about some photos of the snow? When I do go out today, soon, I will take a few photos. Anyone else willing to do this?

    Let's see your piles of snow!

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    I'm jealous - no snow here. Yesterday it started out as sleet and then changed over to a cold rain for most of the day. And windy!!!! Today the rain has stopped but it's gray and gloomy and now it's turning very cold and is still windy. I HATE the wind!!!
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    Nice snow pics! Cute doggie too!!

    I'm in California, so of course we don't get snow. We've had a couple rain storms, but that's all. I'm not even going to Tahoe until February so no snow for me for a while. I love seeing snow photos though!
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    Love the photos!

    We are getting 2inches of RAIN from this storm, bah.

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    It was snowing all day yesterday from late morning on. I put my car in its carport space early yesterday afternoon and didn't go out of my apartment after.

    I think we got maybe 5 or 6 inches. This morning I found that both the City of Ann Arbor and the apartment management had done a good job clearing it off enough to get around all right now, so that's fine with me!

    I have some petsitting jobs this week, but fortunately none yesterday! I think that's why I couldn't be a full time petsitter.. you HAVE to go out in weather like that because these living creatures are totally dependent on you.
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    We had a few minutes of snow, and it has been raining ever since. The back yard is now a pond, no snow in sight. I am completely jealous, Sas!
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    We are snowed under - big time

    Here in Quebec, Canada we are being hit really hard, haven't seen a storm like this in quite some time. Pretty in pics, but not when one is trying to walk in it and the drifts are almost hip deep and people are slipping, sliding and trying to avoid the snow plows. But I am in for the day finally, and have to say that I am happy that I do now own a doggie because I saw plenty of dogs out for "walkies" and wbile the dogs seemed to be thrilled jumping in the snow I did not envy the owners. As for my indoor-only kitty, he seems mystified by the blowing snow, trying to catch the flakes through the window, cute, very.

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    Big Snow

    The 5 inches of snow we got overnight and today,some of it in big drifts.
    thanks very much devon. I have been boo'd.

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    Out again :(

    Well, finally. Prue decided she couldn't wait another minute. We spent about an hour outside, playing with the little girl next door. Of course, being the nice mama I am, I let Prue off leash. She ran around like a wild dog - in every neighbor's yard, porch, side door etc. AND was in the road. I made sure to be in the road to keep cars from speeding by. I know, it is silly of me to do that, but I wanted her to have fun and like I said, I was in the road, watching for cars. It worked this time. I also made sure that the snow plow had just been by - they won't stop for anyone!

    Prue had a wonderful time jumping in the drifts of snow. I walked through a few up to my leg tops..... over the high boots I have.... its a really light snow so it was easy to plow through with the body. I did take a couple of "whoa" like steps but found out I was bumping into recycle bins covered by the drifts!

    Prue found a neighbor's dog's bone, in the snow and ran home with it. It made my catching her rather easy. She is now licking all the snow off her wet snowy fur. It is melting faster than she can lick it off. Yes, I have a blanket and towel under her. What a mess. I guess she will want to go out one more time, but not off leash next time! I wasn't born yesterday.

    Where are all the photos, you ask? I think one series from this storm will do. Another storm is on it's way for the weekend. Yikes.

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    We had eleven inches a week ago, so I'm not up to any more for a while.

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    Loved your pictures of Prue. She is adorable. I'm glad you allowed her to run around a bit.
    I'll bet she'll sleep good tonight. Indianapolis got about 12/13 inches of snow. Snowed all day Weds.
    Just got snow off driveway today so I can get to the store tomorrow. My pups seemed shocked by the
    depth of the snow in the back yard. Today they are finally getting used to it & will venture around a little
    more than a few steps.

    ps. I didn't take any outside pics but here are some taken by others from the newspaper.
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    Pssst .... it's snowing now! Little teeny air snow, that will melt into the standing water on the ground, but at least it is snow!
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    We have 6-8 inches of snow here, I measured. The dogs love it and so do I!

    Prue is adorable!
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    We got about 6-8" out of the storm yesterday, and Lady loved it. She came in a very speckled pup after snoofing around in the snow.
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    We only had a little snow 3 weeks ago, then it all went and Christmas day was 60 F!!! That's the warmest Christmas I have ever seen here. People were standing on the Christmas markets in TShirts. We will get snow but it may be February as it looks now.
    I can imagine that Prue had fun... I think even the most adventurous Abyssinian would prefer to keep her dainty paws out. When we had snow, Orion made 2 or 3 little steps on the balcony then he declared snow being overrrated.


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