Just was thinking of Pet Talkers we have lost over the years, and miss this time of year.

Today's Pet of the Day reminded me of Corinna, a wonderful, caring lady, and friend to many. She used to have Angora rabbits, and would spin yarn from their fur. There are Pet Talk families who have quilts she made, sewn together from squares people sent in. Her beloved grand baby is growing up, and I hope her family is telling how much Corinna would have loved her.

That also made me think of others, Sammi - whose given name was Molly, a wonderful lady from North Dakota who was at the first Pet Talk gathering in Texas. She was a petite lady, Harley rider, great friend to dogs, and loved her Labs very much.

And of course Randi's Jonza, his many posts and threads of cat adventures, and his intelligence and sense of humor are missed.

And Phred, whose remaining dogs are safely living out their lives with Diana (Four Dog Mom), but who posts in Cinder and Smoke's "voices" made us all smile, laugh, and sometimes cry. Phone calls with him were also treasured. He cared so very much for so many Pet Talkers, and was a stalwart, thoughtful member, and organizer of the Findlay gatherings. And firefighters everywhere have a fonder spot in all our hearts because of him. He retained his sense of humor through it all. And I am sure is having a grand time, trading stories with all the members above listed.

And this fall, we lost, quite suddenly, Daisy and Delilah's mom, Terry. It's still hard to remember she isn't just away from the board for a few days, but has joined the gabfest up past the Rainbow Bridge. I have her address in my list for Christmas cards still, and had to not send one, which gave me pause. Every year, the song I think of as their "theme song" - the old pop tune "Fire" - which in my brain got adapted long ago to "Romeo and Juliet, Daisy and Delilah ...."" still popped into my head when I got to that spot in the list.

There are many holiday memories involving all of them, and other memories I just thought I'd start a place to share them if anyone would like to add their own. And memories of others - even non-Pet Talkers - just once upon a time stories - are of course welcome.

I have the urge to bake Stollen, gingerbread (not the cookies, the cake), and get roll dough going, thanks, Ma, and Grandma!