Ryder turned 9 weeks old today and experienced his first encounter with snow! First impression? HE LOVED IT. He kept running around and will find himself sliding down the deck trying to stop then he'll go for another run. He will jump and dive headfirst into the snow and will try to find a stick. He loves to go after snowballs. Once he has it, he'll run away and try to keep it in his mouth but it'll fall out and fall into the snow! He will dig and dig to find that lost snowball of his. Oh he didn't want to come inside either! I had to go pick him up and bring him in. Silly boy. I think he'll have so much fun playing in the snow this winter and I look forward to it. He's such a joy.

Two pictures to share from today (and a couple others):

AND one picture from my Nikon DSLR: