I had off all week so I finally had time to photograph, dowload, edit, and upload photos!

Pouncer is sick again, so his widdle belly is all bloated. I couldn't resist the purrno pose

He's HATES Mystic. Mystic LOVES to torment him. Somehow they ended up on the same blanket -- a Christmas miracle!

His mini me is finally healthy (YAY!) no more spraying!!! I wanted to wear this scarf the other day. He ended up wearing it instead.

How much sweeter can they get?

Callie got a new stuffy from Petsmart. Harry appreciated his look alike

Mystic is my rolly poly goof ball. He lives to just play and get into trouble with his fellow kitties. Flutter's expression cracks me up

Flutter on the other hand has completely come into her own this year. She was always a timid scaredy cat. Not anymore. She is one happy, confident girl. She used to run away from everything. Now I can run the vaccuum and she stays put

Abby is still my scaredy cat but she has been getting better and more confident too. Just at a slower rate than flutter

Hope you all enjoyed! I miss hanging out here. I just have been so crazy at work. It was nice having the past few days off. I got to unwind and decompress.