Hi everyone,

My first post on here. My cat has been acting strangely of late, he is probably stressed/unhappy right now but not sure how to help him. I was wondering if anyone has any tips at all? He has had a lot of change lately.

He has always been my cat really; he waits for me to get home, sleeps on my bed every night, never more than two yards away from me...
However, I have moved to a new town and the cat has stayed with my mother. Two days after I moved out my mother moved to a new house. So the cat has effectively lost an owner and its home of 6 years.

He was very much an outdoors cat before and bought home countless "presents" but now he literally will not leave the house. We lived in the countryside before but he still has space to play in his new home; there is a busy road near by and he may be scared of that (nearly died in a road accident a couple of years ago but doubt he would remember?).

He is always crying for windows to be open but wont go out. He also cries for any door to be open even if it only leads to the boiler cupboard! In fact he pretty much non-stop meows now. He has always been an affectionate cat but he is now extremely needy and always wants attention. He wakes people up in the night now by jumping on them in bed and kneading on them and meowing.

Lately he has also taken to biting things including cables and wires from laptop, TV etc. Worried he will hurt himself. I am home with him now for Xmas but will be leaving again in new year. I show him a lot of attention but don't know what else to do. Was thinking maybe toys or forcing him to go outside for a set time each day to get used to the new area (even thought of getting him a lead and taking him out !) He wont sit still for more than what seems like 20 seconds now.

Any tips or help welcome.