Would you please keep me in your prayers?
I learned today that our public transportion bus will be shutting down in the spring unless they get a miracle. Budget cuts!! That is my only way of getting around town now. It is really a matter of life and death for me and my cats.

Seems the state ok'd a grant to help fund the program for another year but the bus has to come up with about 30% or something.

I called the city manager and yelled at him. After all, he bought a golf course, skate park and new swimming pool for our town. That bus is vital to so many of us. He told me the city has nothing to do with the bus.

So, I needed to call the county commissioner. She is currently out of town but had told the bus people to have everyone call the city manager.

So, I wrote a nice long letter to the editor of our paper explaining that the bus is not a convience but a matter of life or death for so many of us. I asked what were were supposed to do: die and reduce the surplus population like Scrooge suggested. Plus, I gave them some budget tips and sent it. Also that I knew there was a solution to this problem and would someone help us find the answer?

I got a call a bit ago and the paper is going to run my letter.
I am so hoping it lights a fire under some people to do something. I honestly will die without that bus. So will all of my cats.

We live in a town of around 8500. There are no taxi cabs or other means of transport except driving.
I am almost in panic mode.