Hi Ringel in Germany! Hoppy Pet of the Day to you!
What a beautiful bunnster girl you are, Ringel, so dainty and delicate, with the prettiest tri-color coat and the sweetest face! You may not have been planned, in fact quite the contrary! But it's clear you are one perfect match for your family, and love and joy and smiles you bring to their days, a priceless gift! And it's clear you love your humans every bit as they do you!
Thanks for brightening my very cold and rainy day with your *sunshiny* self, Ringel, and I hope your well earned day of honor is one filled with lots of fun and treats, all your big heart desires and more...maybe even playdate with your kitty pal!
Lots of love, cuddles and kisses to you, precious Ringel! Long and happy life, to you, sweet baby girl!