Nebby is special because I adopted her from an animal shelter and she chose us kind of randomly. She is the best companion I have, and loves my bed. She's also special because she loves to talk/reply back to you. She also meows a lot when she wants attention or sometimes even a treat. Nebby is really cuddly and when cold will snuggle with you on the couch or in bed. She loves to hide under the sheets in cold weather as well.

She is funny. She's a little hunter at night, she likes to sneak up and jump you. She acts more like a dog than a cat because she likes to bring stuff back to you when playing, like a dog playing fetch. Nebby can be lazy and drag herself across the floor for toys instead of getting up and pouncing. She is kind of smart, she can sit on command, which is more than some cats! She's very affectionate and loves attention. She greets just about everyone when they enter the house, no "scaredy cat" around visitors here! I love her very much!
Hi, Nebby kitty! I like your green eyes and your pretty tabby coat! How wonderful that you talk to your people and let them know when you need attention or a treat. And busy too, greeting visitors, playing with your toys, receiving visitors, and doing kitty sneak attacks Then some snuggles and lovies at bed time! That's a lot to do! Having you for a best friend must be tons of fun

I hope you have a wonderful day as our Cat of the Day with your caring family! Happy Cat of the Day to you, lovely Nebby!