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    my chinchilla

    i have just got a chinchilla the first one ever she is kinda skittish, and she doesnt like to be messed with while in her cage so i started to put food on my hand and sitting there with my hand in her cage and she started to let me pet her while in her cage will to day she got out and i put her in the bathroom so she can take a dust bath and play at first she was in there by her self and then i went in there and just sat with her she came up and got on my foot and she was coming close to me will when it was time for her to go back in her cage she wouldnt let me pick her up and when i finly get her and i was holding her for a little befor i put her in her cage she bit me and drew blood is that going to set me back in the progress that i have made with her.

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    No, as long as you keep taking it slowly, and don't get extra nervous, it should not affect the progress you've made. Keep treating her gently, and spend time just sitting near her, and getting her used to your voice and your scent. Some chinnies take longer to adjust than others. And remember, if anything picks up a chinchilla in the wild, they are about to eat it for lunch, so being held is something that will take a lot of time and trust to make her feel safe when being held. When you DO hold her when it is necessary, always make sure her hind feet in particular are resting on your arm or chest - they need that to feel at all safe.
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