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Thread: Fister's throat felt normal, the vet said

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    Fister's throat felt normal, the vet said

    I'm worried about Fister.

    Do any of you know about throat problems in cats, because I checked him again and felt something inside his throat. I usually rub him there to make him swallow his pills, even though he gets only a quarter of a small pill. He always liked to be rubbed on his throat and he didn't protest when I checked him. There's something inside his throat, which I'm not sure should be there. It's not round... it's difficult to describe.

    He hasn't been drinking for almost a week now, but eats Whiskas wet food with gelé with extra water in. Today I thought I'd try Temptations, which he loves, so I put 5 pieces in a bowl with some water, and he licked it all up. I know it's not the most healthy food, but it made him drink.

    He doesn't seem to in pain and he walks around and jumps up in the window now and again, which has easy access - and he loves to cuddle with me. Yesterday, he tried to jump up on my desk, but it was too high for him.

    I will of course call the vet tomorrow and make an appointment to get him tested, but if any of you have an idea what could wrong, I'd appreciate your advice.
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