Some of you know that I've loved Bedlington terriers for over a decade, and I've wanted one badly...but the time has never been right for a puppy. My husband and I have talked about it, and he's said that he thinks the time might be right sometime in the next two years, finally. I've been emailing back and forth with a few people who are involved in the breed, reading up on puppies (since I've always adopted adult dogs), and just trying to make sure I'm as ready as I can be. Plus, one of the hubby's stipulations for a puppy moving in is that I break a couple of Jasper's bad habits that I've been lax about, so we've been working hard on his jumping and begging!

Meanwhile, there is a dog trainer who trains outside my store who has a HANDSOME liver Bedlington, Juggernaut. I LOVE working Saturday mornings, because she often brings him with her. He's a beautifully put together little dog, and SUCH a terrier! He's got a lot of grit for such a fleecy little man, and I adore him. Yesterday I was asking about his breeder, DNA tests, etc., and Juggernaut's mom mentioned that she is planning to breed him in a year or two! He's from excellent lines, DNA clear, and in temperament an ideal terrier. By no means is anything set in stone, but I'm now on the waiting list for Juggernaut's litter! It totally made my day! Twelve years waiting so'll be worth it!

Here's a video of Juggernaut and one of his housemates enjoying some peanut butter.