Hi Hatchet! Happy Pet of the Day to you!
What a beautiful Corn Snake you are, Hatchet! Your brilliant orange and red skin, your markings, are gorgeous, and you have the sweetest face!

It's heartbreaking to think how horribly you were injured (accidentally), your spine being broken in multiple places. Thankfully you were taken into rescue where you could be given the care needed to heal, finally finding your way to a loving forever home, a human able to provide for your special needs! You may be "krinkly," but you couldn't be more beautiful if you tried, and it's clear, despite your physical "issues," you're loving every minute of life! What a trooper you are, Hatchet, one brave boy, and your will to survive truly inspirational! How lucky your devoted human is to have a beautiful, joyful, sweet and trusting best friend in you. The bond you two share is so very special, and I hope for you both, many more wonderful years of shared love and friendship!.

Thanks to your person for sharing your sweet self, your very touching story and beautiful photos with us all! Enjoy your big day in the spotlight...you sure deserve it!
Lots of love to you, beautiful Hatchet!