I had just gotten back into my town from driving to NYC tonight. We had a fun day and went to see all the Christmas sights. I was dropping my friend off on her block and we saw a dog by itself on the side of the road. I always stop when I encounter this because I'd want the same thing done for my dog. I stopped the car but my friend was like "that dog lives there, he's probably out with his owners" so I kept driving. I dropped her off and drove back up the block, I saw a car and this guy trying to get the dog. So apparently the dog didn't live there. A guy had stopped to try and get the dog. I couldn't turn around, this is a very busy road, so I went to a different block and did so, and by the time I got there, the dog had gotten hit by a car. The guy stopped and he was really upset. He asked me if I was the owner, but I said no and he said the dog kept running so I went to check some neighborhoods to see if I could find the dog. There were people looking with flashlights but I don't think anyone could have found him.

I feel so bad, if I had just stopped, he could still be okay. He may not have gotten hit. I know this isn't the kind of post you want to read on here but I just can't get it out of my head. My friend said later that she thought he looked like he was dragging his back legs when we first saw him, but I thought he was going to the bathroom or something...that's what it looked like to me.

I am so upset, I should've just helped him to begin with. I would want the same for Mikey or any of my dogs.