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Thread: Possible moving to the country + coyotes

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    Possible moving to the country + coyotes

    So we've been thinking for a while about the possibility of moving to the country. One of the main reasons for wanting this is, is space for the dogs to run and play. It seems more and more of the places you used to be able to let your dog off in town are now saying no dogs allowed. There is pretty much only 2 places right now I can let them go in town and feel safe about it. One might be closing, and the other is the dog park which I'm not a fan of anyway. So to be able to just open my door and let the dogs play would be fantastic.

    There is a problem, however. Coyotes have become more and more of an issue here over the years. They walked over the ice in winter from the mainland and now we have a bunch of them. They kicked the foxes out from where they were living and now they live in town. I've heard stories of coyotes eating peoples dogs, or at least killing them. So I'm actually afraid now to go into the country. I don't want to feel on edge every time I want to walk my dogs.

    I guess I'm wondering if anyone has a similar problem they deal with? I'd like to feel my dogs are safe. I would probably put up a large fenced in area for when they just need to go potty and I don't feel like going out with them. I'd still worry a coyote could easily jump over a fence. Also what if I'm going for a walk? I don't want to have the same problem as in town and not even be able to let them loose. Any suggestions?

    Clover is 64 lbs and Zeke is around there too but I wouldn't feel safe that they could protect themselves from a coyote. Zeke is really showing his age now, and I don't think Clover could over power one. I wonder if it would be helpful to have a large breed dog as well? Maybe a GSD. I don't know much about Coyotes but I can't see that they'd go near a pack of dogs?

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    We have coyotes in every city and town here in Rhode Island. Coyotes are scavengers, and they have adapted well to city life.

    I put up a 6 foot fence, not to keep my dogs IN but to keep coyotes out. Yes, a determined coyote can scale my fence. But with all the squirrels, rabbits etc, it is not as likely. Plus I never let just one dog out at a time, always 2 or more. You are correct, coyotes do not go looking for a fight, especially not when they are searching for food.

    Coyotes are bold. They have taken many cats from the neighborhood (I keep mine indoors only). And one coyote did run past and snatch a small dog off leash being held by a 5 year old - the mom was just grabbing her purse, keys etc. before coming out to get in the car. By small, that was a Yorkie, a very small dog.

    Neither of your dogs would be at too much risk due to their size. Zeke's age may become an issue.

    You must be vigilant, and keep up with news from other dogs owners. You may recall, I love taking my dogs to Bridgham Farm, a conservation area where they are allowed to be off leash. Someone posted this photo on the facebook page for the Farm on Dec 5th, so I'm staying away for now. This was seen at 11:20 AM!
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    It is wise to feed dogs in house & not outdoors. Years ago we had a coyote helping itself to the dog food on the porch.

    Have had coyote's sitting on round bales across the valley watching us. Have seen them playing out in the fields jumping around etc.

    We have lost cats to coyotes, & raccoons.

    The dogs have cornered lone coyotes in the woods & I stayed a long distance away when that happened. Got one dog to come & tied my scarf around the dogs neck, got another dog to come & eventually the third dog joined us.

    We took in a rescue dog that was not country smart. She decided to enter the woods on her own & a pack of coyotes raked her over good & took a patch of hair out of her shoulder. She made it home all right & after that didn't wonder out of the yard without us being along with her.

    Coyotes like to bait dogs. They will send one coyote for the dog to follow over the hill & then gang up on it.

    Our dogs are trained to stay in the yard or we have them in the house. I sleep with my bedroom window open in the spring when the cows are calving. The dogs will growl & bark if they sense the coyotes are near.

    Your dogs will learn your home & yard is their territory & warn you if anything approaches.

    Another thing to be concerned about are snares. Farmers will use snares to catch the coyotes. The snare works very quickly in doing the coyote in but if your dog should get caught in one it will be the end. It is good to check with your neighbors if you are in a farming community if any one is putting out snares.

    That pretty much covers the coyotes in the country around here.
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    I have small dogs and live in the country where we see and hear coyotes frequently. I do have a fenced yard, but do not leave my dogs outside alone especially when it's getting dark. The coyotes here have taken cats, small dogs and chickens. I've had a face down with one smaller coyote where he was just on the outside of the fence staring at my dogs. I stood on my side of the fence with a flashlight in one hand and a loaded .38 in the other. He never moved and I didn't shoot at him. If he had moved, I would not have hesitated to shoot him.

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    Coyotes here too. I never leave my dogs out alone. I don't worry too much about Layla but Jake is around 40#. I worry one would be in my fence at night when we go out. I always 'kick' the bottom of the screen door before we go out. It also gets neighbors cats out of my fence doing that.
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    We have coyotes here as well. We have been considering to put up a fence, but as for now, Ryder spends MOST of his time indoors, obviously. HE is only a puppy at this time.
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