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Not the best of pics but they haven't actually made up with me yet (it doesn't help that I had surgery on my ankle on Monday and am on crutches/have a huge splint -- they are terrified of both).

They are littermates, 8 months old. In May, Dallas Animal Control was to put +100 pregnant cats, momma cats & their kittens, and weaned kittens to sleep. The Humane Society of West Texas stepped in and took over 100 of them. These two are from that rescue.

Gus is much bigger than Lizzie (I would hazzard a guess that she might be a runt) and he melts into you when you hold him. He's an "old soul" and literally gives hugs - one paw on each shoulder. He doesn't seek attention but once you catch him, you'll get tired of holding him before he gets tired of being held. Lizzie is much more timid but is slowly revealing herself to be quite a flirt.

I'll admit I'm dealing with guilt.... they were adopted very soon after losing my K'Cee. And I'm still clearly "looking for her" in any cat I see but my house was oh-so-quiet, I LOATHED coming home. Eerily, they were born on my mom's birthday, adopted on her 4th anniversary of being cancer free (I was a bad kid, wallowing in self-pity from the loss of my heart cat, and failed to realize this until later), and the vet who worked with the humane society/did their immunizations was named "Casey." All good signs, I think.