I have been a little worried about Fister lately, he doesn't eat or drink very much - hardly anything. The last two times, I've bought Royal Canin's Mobility, which he seemed to like, but now he's not interested. So I bought a bag of Perfect Fit Senior, which he ate a little of and lost interest. He also gets a half of pouch a day of Whiskas with gelÚ. I put a spoonful of boiled water in it, since he usually licks off the juice and leaves the rest (which I feed to the birds). even the Royal Canin's Sensitive, which I gave as treats, he's not interested in.

He will eat a little bit if I hand feed him and if it's something he likes. This morning I put a bowl of the Whiskas under the cupboard where he was laying and he licked up half of it.

I called he vet also and arranged to come over and get an appetite stimulant (Percictin?), some painkillers (Romefen) in case he is in pain, and a couple of Diazepam for New Years Eve. So I got those and will give him a dose when he wakes up.

I also bought a bag of Hills K/D. That he hasn't tried before, but the vet said that most elderly cats like it, since it has more fat. I so hope he will eat some of that!

His numbers were within normal at the vet visit in March, where he had some teeth pulled, so I don't know what the reason could be for his loss of appetite.

He also meows a lot more, in fact he wakes me up several times at night. Other than that he seems fine, but has lost a bit of weight.

Have any of you given Percictin? to your cat and did it work?