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Thread: My Experienced Cat People, Help is needed.

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    She is a beautiful kitty!

    Even if she doesn't seem to eat the mice she catches, ask your vet about Revolution or Profender etc. These are gels for worms and other parasites and a small amount is put on the skin at the back of kitty's neck. For outdoor cats I think the dose is every 3 months.

    I have a long-haired kitty that I give the gel to. I am supposed to give it to him every 3 days - about 1/3 tsp. Check the directions on yours.

    He does NOT like being groomed - he has some very fine fur. But I do some every day.

    Welcome home, Gracie!
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    I used to work for a vet and know the different types of stuff. Which is funny because now that I actually own my own kitty, it's like I forgot everything I've learned about cat care while working there. Lol. I do know she eats some of the mice she catches I just don't know how many. I only know of the ones she half eats. Whole or half eaten, a dead mouse is better than a live one slowly destroying my house. And she's very good at she does!

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    How nice she's a natural mouser! People think all cats are, but we know that's not always true!
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    Cat Grass!

    Cats by nature eat grasses to help their digestion and facilitate the passage of hair through their intestinal tract.
    If the kitty is "indoor only," provide a pot of nice cat grass for kitty to nibble.

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    Gracie is indoor/outdoor. She spends her nights inside and from what I understand most of her afternoons/evenings outside. Right now she has an upset tummy and on meds from the vet for diarrhea. I hope she feels better soon and thank you to everyone that helps/ helped.
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    As Andie said, Gracie is an indoor/outdoor kitty. She come in and goes out as she wishes. She cries at the door when she's ready to go in or out. We make sure she's inside before we go to bed because we live in a active coyote area amd don't want to risk her getting hurt.

    Thank you for everyone's advice. Even though the vet linked the hairballs with her very upset tummy and diarrhea, I have found a hairball remedy that seemed to be helping before I had to take her in for the diarrhea.

    She's doing good and is a happy kitty.


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