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Thread: Snoring Siemese

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    Snoring Siemese

    My son Eclipse is a 7 yr old Siemese who snores. At first ot was cute listening to his varying pitches of snoring. Well, its becoming an issue now with trying to sleep.
    He is a very vocal cat, healthy, eats and potty's just fine. Is there something wrong with him? My other three don't snore.

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    It could be his nasal cavities are just formed differently, as usually it is flatter-faced breeds like Himalayans and Persians that tend to snore. Have his respiratory system checked next time he's at the vet, but otherwise, ear plugs may be in order!
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    I have an oriental short hair (which is similar to a Siamese) and when he's in really deep sleep, he tends to snore too. I think they are just really, really comfy! LOL If you're worried, it wouldn't hurt to have him checked out like Karen mentioned. Enjoy your loud baby!


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