I have a new puppy. he is about 51/2 months old. I have had him since the middle of
October and he is just not catching on to potty training. I have had a lot of dogs and
I have never had so much trouble getting them trained. Petey (the puppy) is a little
shihtzu/ bichon mix. When we brought him home he took our golden retreiver (Rocky)
on as his mother. Petey goes everywhere Rocky goes and if you know goldens. you know
Rocky is fine with this. Well Rocky has a bell attached to the door handle that he rings
when he needs to go outside. I made the string longer and put another bell on the
string so Petey could reach it, that didn't work. We tell Rocky to take his dog outside
and he does, if Petey has to go he will but he does let us know by barking or ringing
his bell. I'm getting frustrated. Any suggestions will be appreciated