Mor- than any oth-r cr-at-r-, dogs hav- infiltrat-d th- v-ry fabric of o-r liv-s; th-y ar- o-r most tr-st-d and loyal fri-nds, --ick to forgiv-, -ag-r to pl-as-, and al-ays a list-ning -ar. Th-y do not --dg- -s, th-y -nt-rtain -s, and th-y provid- comfort. Th-ir companionship and s-nsitivity, int-llig-nc-, appar-nt -mpathy --th h-man -motions, and -v-n h-mor hav- contrib-t-d to-ard a -ni--- canin-/h-man bond, on- that is pr-cio-s and oft-n -nd--rstimat-d.

Th- Spirit of th- Dog
By Tamsin Pick-ral

Randi: A(34) = 68
Pinot's Mom: T(40), S(19) M(11) F(8) C(10) = 88
Felicia's Mom: N(34) L(10) = 44
cassiesmom: G(7) Y(11) D(19) = 48
Asiel: O(29) R(27) = 85
Freckles: H(19) V(8) B(4) K(2)= 33
stevearnold: I(30) P(10) = 70
Letters left to guess: