Here is a my pet rabbit, Sparta. Growing up in a magician family in Minnesota, I have always been surround by bunnies. Once I moved to California, I wanted a rabbit of my own. Sparta comes from a non-profit animal shelter in Huntington Beach, California named Therapony. Since she grew up being petted by so many children at Therapony, she is ridiculously lovable. Every morning when I wake up, Sparta will sit in my lap and lick my hand for near twenty minutes. On my breaks, I put on her harness and we sit in the grass together. Sparta is strange for a rabbit, in that, she loves meeting new people and passerby-ers on the street.

As for her name, it originates from a line from my favorite movie, 300. This means, when I introduce her to new people I can say, "THIS IS SPARTA!" Since I've adopted her, Sparta has also become an inspiration in my photography and paintings, and infamous among my friends and coworkers. Oh, and she has perfected the ninja backflip! She is a very special rabbit for sure!
Good morning, adorable bunny Sparta! What a beautiful girl you are with your pretty coat pattern and your alert ears! I would love to gently pet you today, because you look very fluffy and soft to touch I bet you bring all kinds of joy and happiness to the people you meet, from your morning lovies to the time you spend outdoors watching the people. How neat, too that you inspire your person's art work! Gentle cuddles and kisses to you, Sparta -- happy bunny PEt of the Day to you!