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Milford CT: Emaciated stray w/injured eye & can hardly walk - they won't let it inside - (been outside over a mo. now)!!

Lorraine's friend lives in Milford, CT and her friend's neighbor has abandoned their cat. It's been living outside for a month and a half now, is emaciated, can barely walk, and has an infected/injured eye.
It's a 1-2 year old grey tabby, female. It has been desperately trying to get into Lorraine's friend's house, but her friend will not allow it inside nor feed it because her boyfriend is allergic to cats.

When Lorraine's friend confronted her neighbor, the neighbor said they abandoned it because they cannot afford vet treatment.

PLEASE HELP, take this kitty in to adopt or foster if you possibly can, or forward this message to any contacts you have around Milford and to anyone else at all you know or know of who might be able to help this kitty get a safe, warm place to live? THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.