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Thread: Introducing Ryder! (#47: Updated Pics!)

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    Introducing Ryder! (#47: Updated Pics!)

    We finally brought home our little guy at 9lbs yesterday morning. First to go home. We are keeping in touch with the breeder. He was very happy to see us happy and know Ryder will have a great home. He had a long day. Couple car rides, he did good. All he did was mostly sleep. Vet visit went good. Vet says he has a soft tiny heart murmur but she told us not to worry because that tend to go away on its own, 95% of the time. We hope it does. Otherwise, he's one healthy boy! He even discovered grass, we think he was never on it so he had quite a experience. He stood there, looked around, then immediately ran over to where we are, so we took a little walk and he'd follow and sit by us, then repeat. He's so adorable, though. He met some of the family too! He had fun with that. First night away, Ryder did great! He slept in his crate in the kitchen, not a peep from 11:30pm to 5am. He did not go in his crate either. Not bad for a first night. He does get attached and want to be by us, no matter where we are. He is young, only 7 weeks but he is such a good boy. He is adjusting well, I think. At least we think he is. So, here are pictures! (Some PT'ers are on my FB so they probably have seen pictures already so I wanted to share on here as well)

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