Joanna loves life. She is friendly, outgoing, sociable, curious, playful and affectionate. Joanna is a clown and a talker! She has something to say about everything and her most favorite phrase is "please brush me". Her second most favorite is "Please give me some food." Joanna is beautiful and Joanna makes life beautiful for all who know her. She has brightened my life every day from her very early morning greeting to her last good night before we go to sleep.
Good morning, California girl Joanna! What a beautiful tuxie girl you are with your full, fluffy coat -- and a favorite phrase to go right along with it! I would be happy to respond to a brushing request, to help you stay gorgeous. You can keep a conversation going. Lovely and talented, that's you! I can tell who's in charge at your house, in her own sweet way - Joanna is! Sending you tons of cyber-hugs and kisses today, sweet Joanna! Happy Cat of the Day to you!

p.s., you look especially pretty against the purple walls!