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Thread: white bumps on my throat?

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    white bumps on my throat?

    Anyone know what this could be? There are 2 round white bumps on both sides of the back of my throat. I also have a patch of white on the very behind the uvula (spelling?) going down my throat.

    My throat's been really sore, mostly on one side. I also feel dizzy when I stand. Not sure if that has anything to do with spending most of the day in bed or not. Anyone know what this could be? I don't have a doctor's appt until the 18th

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    Sounds like strep to me. There is mixed messages out there on strep. Some say it can go away on its own without antibiotics, some say antibiotics are necessary. I, personally, subscribe to the theory that if a pill can make me feel better faster, than take two! LOL.

    Gargle with warm salt water, and get on a OTC pain reliever. Rest, lots of fluids, eat well, and rest. And, come visit me in Ohio.

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    ... can't add much to what Cataholic said ... warm or cool foods might feel good when you swallow. Hug the nearest Clover. I hope you can get your appointment moved up, just in case it is a bacterial infection.
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    Sure sounds like strep to me. See if you can get in sooner so you're feeling better for Christmas.
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    I decided to go to a walk in clinic. The doc said its not bad enough yet to know for sure but he thinks it could be strep. He took a swab so ill know on Monday. He also gave me a precription I can take if it gets worse. He said if it does get worse then it is strep. So hopefully its not cause I feel crappy enough now. Id hate to feel worse esp with my bday coming on Monday.

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    The doc is probably right as well as the posters here. I've had strep throat 4 times and these are the exact symptoms...and yes, your throat will be very sore. As for the antibiotics you should take them, it could save you from a heart infection along with the strep.

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