Our German Shepherd/ Huskey mix is 5 years old. He is fixed. When we first got him we did not know if he was house broken or not. We assumed not b/c we had a time getting him to come into our house. Well we never had a problem with him going inside our home. Until here recently. Let me give some details.
Over the summer I brought home a golden retriever female dog (9 months at the time). She was not fixed. But she was inside with us. However our dog Ruger there was no peeing issues going on then. I found her a great home. Well when my Parents in law came down in Sept they brought there little 1 year old 2 pound chiuaua down with them. She is not fixed either. When they went home Ruger started peeing in the house. He would instantly come in from outside and go lifted his leg and pee. He has peed on my child's toys which had to be tossed out. He has peed on clothes and today which was the last straw he peed on my favorite shoes that can not be cleaned. I figured by now the smell of the chiuaua if that is the problem would be gone but I guess not. I don't know what else to do. We want him to be around us in the house. But at the sametime we do not have the money to go get him trained esp when it was not an issue b4. And we can not tell my husband's parents they can not bring their dog when they come to visit. HELP!!!!!!
FYI: He does not have any medical problems like a UTI or anything similar. If he did we would notice problems with him outside. He is fine. He is just marking his territory I believe and I want it to stop in the house.