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    So I was taking some pieces of shed skin out of Bianca's tank today (she is a messy shedder :/ ), and as I did so I realized that there were several small bugs that had come out with it. They're several millimeters long, probably not mites, but still kind of worrying. And she just ate yesterday, so I can't do a full-scale cleaning of the cage.

    Is this something I should be concerned about? Bianca isn't showing any signs of distress, but I don't want her to get sick...
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    What kind of bedding do you use?
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    I recently discovered WOOD MITES in some of my shavings! YUCK! I trashed the shavings and got fresh ones, which I put in the freezer before using.

    Snake mites are usully seen in between the scales, especially around the face and neck. They look like grains of pepper. Wood mites are bigger, and while not technically a danger to the snake, are just kinds gross.

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