I have two kittens that are 5 months old. We put up our Christmas tree on the weekend, but no decorations yet as we were unsure what the kitties would be like.

Aaaah! Is all I can say. I'm actually considering taking down the tree because of how annoying they are being! I cannot stop them from climbing it. The bottom branches are starting to sag because of the weight of the cats, and it's sad because this is me and my fiance's first Christmas together and our first tree that we just bought...It's getting destroyed!

Any tips? I'm thinking probably not. We might move it into one of the bedrooms so we still have one. We've had the cats locked in a room while we're gone and when we're sleeping at night, and I feel bad that we have to do that.

But I'm getting fed up... Our basement doesn't have a door and I don't think a baby gate will work for them, so I'm really out of ideas other than taking the tree down, or moving it into a bedroom (which is kinda weird).

Is there a way to show them the tree is not a toy? I wish they spoke english...

Edit: WILL they ever out grow this? Will they remember the fun they had as kittens climbing it and next year when they're big fat kitties try climbing again? I guess next year they'll be a bit over a year and may still have kitten characteristics.... ah.