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Thread: Holiday Dog Treats

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    Holiday Dog Treats

    I was in Petsmart yesterday to pick up decorated holiday cookies for Myndi - just like I have in the past for both Fuzzbuttz. I picked up one container and checked the label and it said "made in USA", so it was okay to buy it. I picked up a different container of cookies made by the same manufacturer and didn't bother checking that label ~~~ they must be made in USA too - right??? This morning something told me to recheck both the labels - and the one I didn't check before I bought it, says "made in China". They will be going back for a refund and exchanged for something made in the U.S.

    Double check all items before you buy. Both of these items are "Pet Holiday by Grrreat Choice". The U.S. ones are in a clear plastic box, and the ones from China are in a soft plastic bag.

    That's what I get for "assuming" and being in a hurry.............
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    Thanks for the reminder, Ellie!

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    I got so nervous and fed up with this "China" bit that now it comes automatically...before I even think of reading the price or making sure of the ingredients I check to make sure it isn't from China--- but we can all use this reminder, it's amazing how even some of our foods are now from tomatoes-- go figure.

    I've been frosted--- thank you Cassie'smom

    I've been Boo'd----


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