Hi Kioko from Down Under...one of my most favorite places on earth! Happy, happy Pet of the Day to you, sweet little one!

How touched I was, Kioko, reading your "happy ending" rescue story, learning of your amazing transformation from the frightened, untrusting, feisty Conure that you once were, to the brave, confident, joyful, nurturing, lovable cuddle bug of a girl that you are today! And to these eyes, you couldn't be more beautiful if you tried, Kioko! Your brilliant coloring is simply breathtaking, your sweet little beak your mark of distinction, with nothing but love to be seen in those sparkling eyes!

Great thanks to your Mom for her unwavering commitment and devotion, for being so patient, giving you all the time you needed to heal your wounded spirit! Your Mommy knew straight off you were a diamond in the rough, and after a bit of "polishing," oh how you shine! As your Mom says....
This just goes to show how every single animal is gorgeous and amazing...
You sure did hit the jackpot, Kirby, and your family too, the day they welcomed you into their home and hearts!
Thanks for brightening my gray and cloudy afternoon with your heartwarming story and lovely photos, Kioko! You truly are one extra special girl, and so very deserving of your reign atop Pet Talk's top perch!
Hope you're enjoying an extra special day, sweetheart, cuddling with your cherished Unicorn Pillow Pet; celebrating to the max with your parents, skin sisster, and all of your feathered friends!

Lots of love and kisses; head, neck, back and "under the wings" skritches to you, beautiful Kioko!