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Thread: Introducing Crossbone!!!!

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    He sure is a cutie. Congratulations on the new addition! Some of the smartest dogs I have met have been ACDs, I'm quite fond of them and can easily see how you guys fell in love.

    Welcome to PT, Crossbone!
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    Oh my look at that SMILE! He looks like a happy pup. Hello Handsome!

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    Wow, I'm a bit behind!! I think Crossbone is a little cutie and he certainly landed himself in a wonderful home. I look forward to seeing more photos of him and I know with your skills, Ashley, that he is going to be an awesome pup! Now my only question is who is this K person?? I'm really behind!! LOL

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    Thanks! He is so happy, full of energy & potential!!!

    I'm starting a YouTube channel to update with videos. There's one right now of him learning to pray.

    Quote Originally Posted by RobiLee View Post
    Now my only question is who is this K person?? I'm really behind!! LOL

    You're not too far behind! Ken & I started dating last April. He's one of my colleagues, my best friend and the coolest person I know!

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    Welcome home Cody Crossbones!! I love the name and of course have a soft spot for ACD's.

    I hope he and Jackie Loo become fast friends.
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