Aw, Nathan, what a handsome fellow you are. You deserve to be Dog of the Day, everyday.

I loved reading your story about how well you have trained your humans! Scotties are like that.

I had two Scotties when I was a child. Both were smart, one or two person dogs, loved their walks, loved their toys but had a mind of their own. If my dogs didn't want to do it, good luck. As they grew up, so did I and left home for adventure. When I would return, my dogs remembered me and what I would allow them to do. They never forgot me. If I was reading a book, they would come over to the book and begin scratching it. It I sneezed, they would take a nip at me. You couldn't wear a towel on your head after showers or the dogs would bark the fool heads off. Both loved balls and would spend hours looking for them in hedges and garden beds. They usually found one and of course would not share it with anyone. They hated baths the most and would hide when they heard the water running in the tub. Funny guys for sure.

Nathan, I am so happy you have had a wonderful life with both parents and hope you have many more. Be a good boy and try to let your Mom sleep in once in awhile!

I hope you have a wonderful day in the limelight today. Maybe a few extra treats are in store for you?