Just put up our (fake) tree for this year. Of course, the cats are attracted to it like a moth to a flame. Last year every night while we were sleeping and every day while we were gone, his fat butt would climb on the lower branches, bending them until they touched the ground, and knocking down every ornament from a cat-height and down.

This year we've decided to move the tree to the office because with our new furniture there is no room in the livingroom (would require moving too much furniture around). Only problem? The door to the office doesn't close (never has). We've tried closing it and pulling heavy objects on the other side of the door but these cats can still push the door open and get inside no matter what we do to get to the tree.

The "boundary" sprays at the petstore work... for a day. But they are pricy!

Any suggestions at what to do to keep them away?!?!?! I'm at my wit's end here!! If we're awake and in the condo, they don't go anywhere near it. But the second we go to bed or leave, they are all over it!!! I have been awake since 4am because of their tree shenanigans this morning