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    Adorable Grammy!

    Hi Grammy! Happy Pet of the Day!!!

    How adorable are YOU. Grammy! I just love your 'do, your "hair," hehe, and oh, what a sweet face you have, simply heart melting!
    This is the 2nd day in a row we've been treated to a most unique, utterly precious feathered one as our most deserving honoree; what a treat! (You're my first Gloster Canary!)

    I so enjoyed reading your back story, Grammy, how you came to find your way home! Your human's Grandma must be so proud, knowing that her spirit lives on in one of her beloved Canarys; a beautiful, joyful, life loving Gloster named Grammy! What a wonderful legacy! I'm so happy that your human has you there by her side, helping to fill that empty space in her heart; brightening her days with your joyful song, your *sunshiny* personality, your antics! You're one in a million, and so very worthy of your "top pet" honors!
    Thanks so much for brightening MY cold, rainy day with your heart warming story and lovely photo, Grammy! (Wish we had!) I hope you're enjoying a happy day of celebration, one rich with sunshine and music, cucumber and apples and cool baths, and lots of love!
    Lots of love, gentle cuddles and little kisses to you, precious Grammy!
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