Hi there.

Since Clover was a pup I have been to one dog trainer for several things. Puppy classes, then private loose leash walking, and rally classes. I feel I've been a good customer to her. I talk highly of her to everyone I talk about it with at the dog park.

However. Our last Rally class was cut off by 30 mins because of rain. I really wanted to finish the class. She told us we could make it up another time, but I guess everyone else said not to bother. Except me. Maybe I'm selfish but I feel if I paid for something I should get the time for it. Anyway, I was talking to her and she said she'd let me know next week about making up the class. I think it's been 2 months now. I e-mailed her maybe 3 weeks ago. I figured she's been busy and forgot. I asked her a question about Clover and said maybe we could get together to talk about my issue for 30 mins instead of having her set up the rally stuff for just me. She never replied. So about a week ago I asked her on her business FB page if she saw my e-mail. She said no, so I sent it again and told her so on the page. Still no reply.

I'm finding this upsetting because I don't know why she's ignoring me when she still owes me time. She could at least reply and say sorry I'm busy right now. I really don't want to say anything that will result negatively. There was another training here who I didn't get along with. Josie was aggressive and he said the best thing was having her around other dogs. So he took his Rotti around her she kept getting more and more upset. I was SO upset to see her like this that I got up and started to cry and just left and never spoke to him again until several years later (It seems he remembers me and was very rude to me)

Anyway what can I do? Should I just say forget about the time owed?