This is our dog, Cooper. Cooper is special because when we lost our old dog Kelty, we knew we needed another dog so we went on craigslist and searched golden retriever and a ad popped up and there was Cooper. We picked him up and took him home. He had lived on a farm and never around people so when we got home he acted so crazy with not listening when we called his name, him chasing laser pointers and much more. It was a challenge, but he did pick up on how to be a good dog after all! We think that some of the antics that he does relates to Kelty!

He doesn't know any tricks unless you consider sit, stay and lay down as tricks. We also think he can see color, when we shine a colored laser pointer he loves to chase it. He is a very affectionate kind of dog he loves to cuddle and be loved. He is also very special to me because he loves to keep me company when I'm sad, and loves to snuggle. From the moment we got him till now he is the perfect family dog and a very lovable dog to me!
Good morning, gorgeous Cooper and your family! First let me say, I am so sorry for your loss of Kelty. And Cooper, I bet Kelty's spirit has helped you learn to be a family dog! You are just beautiful with your sleek golden coat -- and one look from you and I would be happy to do whatever you wish! How great that you have learned to listen, to sit or stay. But especially the things you're best at - being loved, snuggling, sharing joy with your family, and just being your special self! I didn't know that dogs like to play with the laser pointer, as cats sometimes do You are absolutely breathtaking and I would love to give you some enormous hugs today! Happy Dog of the Day to you, beautiful Cooper!