Hi Cocky in beautiful Oz! Happy Pet of the Day to you! Oh! What a gorgeous, gorgeous guy you are, simply stunning!I've never met an Eastern Long-billed Corella before, and am blown away by your amazing coloring and markings, your "ruffles!" And oh, you just happen to have THE sweetest face! Looking at your first photo I thought you were perhaps the size of a Cockatiel...then I scrolled down! What an amazing story of how you came to be a permanent member of the family, Cocky! First, great thanks to your human for her dedication to wildlife rescue, and props to her for trying to acclimate you back to the wild. But, seems as though YOU had other plans, and by all accounts you knew just what you were doing when you chose yours humans to be your forever family! What a wonderful life you have been blessed with, Cocky, and how very lucky your humans are, having a beautiful, clever, cheeky, joyful, intelligent (Skype?) best feathered friend in you!
Great thanks to your family for sharing your very special self, your story and beautiful photos with us! Enjoy an extra special Pet of the Day bash, sweetheart, being spoiled rotten! You sure deserve it!
Lots of love and gentle cuddles to you, amazing Cocky! Long and happy life to you!