Hi Jasper! Happy Pet of the Day to you, and to your fur dad Frisky, too!
What an adorable Ferret you are, Jasper! I laughed at loud at your "tonsil shot," and oh, that pic of you napping so peacefully is utterly heart melting! I'm so sorry to hear that your fur mom bit off half of your tail! But thankfully your loss hasn't kept you from living life to the max! And happily your fur mom and sisters all found happy homes, with you and Frisky making quite the father/son team! How lucky you are to have one another to play with, to learn from, and your family doubly blessed, having two sweet and loving furkids in you both!
Thanks for the BIG smiles, precious Jasper! I hope you and dad Frisky both are enjoying a very happy Pet of the Day, being treated to all your hearts desire, and more! You both deserve it!
Lots of love and cuddles, chest scratches and belly rubs to you, sweetheart, and to Frisky too!