Bimberly was the first rabbit I ever owned and I love her so much for what she's taught me about myself. She taught me how to be more dominant (so that I'm not obeying the rules of small fluffy creatures all the time) but to be kind about it. She helped me to find the right balance of hugs and cuddles and understanding when she needs her own space. I love her very much.
Good morning, pretty bunny Bimberly! I like your white coat and your sweet lop ears I enjoyed reading about you and how you came to your loving, caring forever home. You have done so well with your person's loving care! Now you are able to greet other people and have tons of fun during your special play time Having you for a bunny friend must be a very special thing! Could you please have your person give you some gentle petting and a cuddle from me today. Happy Bunny Pet of the Day to you, Bimberly!