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Thread: PT Prayers for Springen- Update Post #18

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    PT Prayers for Springen- Update Post #18

    I don't know if you guys remember the past posts I've made about Springen's mystery illnesses that strike every few months since he was a pup, but we have finally found a diagnosis. Here is the very first post I posted about when his illness first started:
    He's been healthy for about a year, no bouts of lethargy or pain. Recently he started it again and today was nearly crippled, just like before. My brother Anthony took him to the vet expecting to once again be given a script for steroids and antibiotics, but this vet wanted to take blood work, xrays, etc. After looking at his xrays, the vet showed my brother them. The bones in his leg look scarily thick and weird looking, and he was diagnosed with a rare and fatal bone disease (my brother called me in shock today, and did not write down the disease name, although he says he'll call back and tell me the name after his next appt). The vet told my brother in 45 years he's been a vet he's seen it less than ten times. Apparently it is where bone keeps growing in layers and layers over the bones starting in the limbs. Apparently there is no cure for this disease, and it will kill him. The vet had no info on how long Springen has, and wanted my brother to take him to a specialist. After spending over 1,000 dollars today, I really don't see how it's possible for him to get much more answers right now.
    Also during his xrays, they found a large mass in his chest which looked like a tumor. My brother made another appointment for next Tuesday to find out what the mass is.

    Honestly, right now we are in shock and absolutely heart broken. This dog is one freaking special dog. And I know everyone believes their dogs are special, but seriously, Springen is one of a kind. He has the most gentle of souls and is SO sweet. He's funny and energetic and just the best dog. My brother loves him as much as he would his own child, and I can't imagine what he's going through right now. Springen turned four years old this summer, he still has so much life to live.
    All we can do is look forward to more answers and hopefully know what's in store for him. It seems odd because his episodes have become more infrequent but all the sudden this one was the worst of all. I just don't want my boy to be in pain.

    Please, we could just use some thoughts and prayers right now. I will update after his vet appointment next week.
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