I know that the weather outside has changed.

Lately, I have had a problem getting out of my chair.


As soon as I get up, if the Edster is in the area, I can be assured that he will be in my chair in less than 30 seconds.



I can get out of my chair - or really where ever I am sitting and can be assured that Ed will be there ASAP. It's almost like a game of musical chairs.

Without the music......


The other problem?

Waking up from a deep sleep with the cat on my back. Monkeys?

I can deal with them, it's thinking to myself what a jerk I am for waking the cat up to get out of bed....

But, he has given me a wide berth when it comes to sleeping in the bed with me.

He was always a little guarded about sleeping between the wall and I, but now he has accepted it as a spot where he will not be bothered when I get up to grab a drink or go to the bathroom.......

Altho I have to be quick about it.

Or else I come back to find him curled up in the warm spot I just left for him!