About 5 weeks ago, my friend's two cats got out. She had just moved into the house and they weren't familiar with their surroundings. Fortunately she was able to get Ben. But Jerry was missing.

I went there in an attempt to trap Jerry, to no avail. I told her (don't get grossed out) she needs to pee in a spray bottle and spray it around the outside perimeter of her house every day, which she did, as well as set up a feeding station.

Then, along game Hurricane Whats-her-name which as you know, devastated many parts of CT, NY and PA. We thought for SURE he was gone.

Well, she was sitting up watching Letterman last night, not being able to sleep. She looked over at her sliding glass door and who does she see??? JERRY!!!! Meowing at her.

I am SO relieved that he's back. I've prayed every night to St. Francis for his return.

I guess Jerry now has only 8 lives left. I hope his door darting days are over.