As you may know by now I am currently babysitting a cat named Nyarly for a niece of mine. Thing is its been 2 months now and his progress of adapting to life outside the bedroom is going really slow. I am slowly introducing him to the cats and they do somewhat ok as long as they are apart, but if they see each other one or both will start growling and Alison and Nyarly already had a fight. Also he tends to not want to be down for long, he tends to run to the room because he feels safe there. I don't want to keep him in my room because that is no life for a cat. I know it could be upto a year before she can take him, but there has been no contact from her at all. She have not even visited this cat and we are getting close to having to get rid of him. With the no contact to even ask about the cat, I am thinking she may not even want him.

My mom is threatening in paying the 50 dollars and surrendering him to the shelter or rehome him. (In our area if you have a pet for 10 days its yours so we tech. own him) He is a type of cat who is sweet, but will hide when scared.

What should I do? Should I keep working with him, or should re homing him be better? My brother has her number and she has his, and there has been no contact from her. I would think she would want to see him or even check on how he is doing. I am not sure if I am going to be able to get him to where he is fully ok with being left alone with the other cats, and its breaking my heart to have him locked up because I don't feel safe yet leaving him with the others unsupervised.