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Thread: about diane (not a cat)

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    about diane (not a cat)

    diane spitz my ex-wife wnt to the hospital nov7 from pnemoia and enphazeama(sp) she is 58 years old and near death .. she has a breathing tube in her and on IV for life support.. .. about a week ago they were going to put her in a nursing home for recovery when her blood pressure dropped and her breathing become unstable.. she is stable at the moment and sedated.. i saw her yesterday and took a rosary to her.. i had a prist annont diane to give her spitual strength... i have lived with diane for the last 16 years and is a blessing to my life.. when diane is in the hospital i feel very much alone without her at home. slamon cat is dianes cat and feels lost with out diane.. she sits on my lap all the time.. she is the 25th annivesary kitty in our life born 7-19-1999.. please bless diane and pray for her... ther is no place on pettalk for a person who insnt a animal or cat so i chose to put a post here about dianeso you would know about her.. GOD BLESS DIANE..... the pix i uploaded for this post was taking in 1974 when we were much younger.. we are not as strong as we were 20 years ago and your age catches up with you/us.. this is a very hard time for us with diane in critical care unit in the hospital.. the hospital is one of the best in the country and diane is in good hands.. please pray . pat for diane
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