Maisy is a mischievous one and a half year old, we rescued her in August last year, when she was just a kitten. She's very quick and makes everyone in the family laugh with her crazy personality. She always looks like she's smiling which never fails to cheer me up. Her tortoiseshell coloring is very pretty, and people always comment on how unusual it is. Last year was a tough one for our family, and getting Maisy really helped us as a family, we're now much closer and she's a major part of our lives. She definitely completes our family.

Good Morning, miss Maisy! What a lovely tortie girl you are, and I like your smile in the second picture! How wonderful that you have helped your family through a difficult year . I'll bet you bring lots of smiles and laughter to them each day. Torties are very special kitties! I hope you have a great day of celebrating YOU! Happy Cat of the Day to you, sweet tortie Maisy!