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Thread: New member of the family.... welcome Milo! New pics!!

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    New member of the family.... welcome Milo! New pics!!

    I know I haven't been around here lately. I've been on Facebook mostly. Sorry about that, it's just where I've been keeping up with friends from the past and some newer ones. I've been getting my life back in order, and it's starting to look promising. No more Dave (have a new guy, named David... that name is following me, lol). But anyway....

    I saw a post on FB from a friend of mine about this little bundle of fluff that needed a new home immediately. I haven't had a kitten in the house in over 2 1/2 years (yes, Sebastian is THAT old already!!). This little guy was so cute, and how could I resist when I saw his pic. The person who was going to keep him does Pit Bull rescue, but the two she took in have mange, and the demodex is bad for kittens, and so she needed to get him a new home ASAP. I took one look and was in love.

    So, take a good look at my siggy, cause that's my new little guy, MILO. He's just a sweetie. Very playful, spunky, and just runs around like a maniac.

    PS... If anyone wants to find me on Facebook... I'm under the name Jennie Lynn. I don't use my last name due to teaching. You'll see a blonde, although I'm back to brunette. I'm just getting back to me and getting comfortable with who I really am. Things are good!!

    Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!!!
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