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Thread: Just looking for a little advice

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    Just looking for a little advice

    So Iíve been considering different majors, and doing a lot of research to try to make sure I choose something profitable that I will also enjoy enough to make a career out of. So I am starting with trying to decide on an industry I find interesting and promising.

    So while researching I found this page projecting IT industry trends. Looking at this page just confirms my suspicion that information technology is still a rapidly growing field. Furthermore I think that if I were to work as a web developer, I might eventually be able to work toward becoming a specialist. I know that this might be a long path, but I think it might be the best one for me. Does anyone have any thoughts they want to share? What do you enjoy about working as an IT industry employee?

    As usual, any and all responses will be appreciated.

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    One of the fellas at my local Staples works there as the Tech person. He is in school, working on his Masters in IT, and planning to get in with a big company supporting their IT dept. He is THE person we all go to with our questions, lol. A real asset to Staples, while he is working on his Masters.


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