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Thread: Feline Dementia

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    Feline Dementia

    Our Pichu has been quieter and quieter since August. And, although in the beginning I though he was just too hot (we had some crazy weather here this summer), it started to look strange for him.

    When I came from my trip to Moldova in October, I could clearly see that he was not OK. We took him to the vet and they could not say what was wrong with him. They checked his sight, he had been acting like he could not see things, they took a blood sample, and they found out that he was really strong, but nothing more. We wondered if he had had a stroke and the vet said it didn't look like it. They gave him a Vitamin B mix and some antibiotics, just in case it was some kind of infection. He was better for a little while, not not long.

    So, now, it goes in waves, one day he's better, next a little worse, then again worse and then really bad (his legs shake when he walks and he gets really confused), then again better. And so on. The only think that is good about this is that I get to snuggle with him like never before.

    We think he has something like feline dementia. He gets really confused, he doesn't know how the door opens, walks in circles and doesn't play (the thing that upsets me the most).

    Does anyone here have any experience with this? If so, what medication did you use and did it help? Pichu is nine and a half and he still looks physically pretty good and I hope to figure out a way to make his life better.

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    Poor Pichu!

    I found some information on Anipryl, another human med that is used in cats and dogs also:

    This describes the symptoms and has some good info:

    Good quality omega oils are good for the brain and nerves. Vets carry it though I switched to a high-grade wild salmon oil from a good pet shop.

    Please keep us posted on your baby boy!
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    I'm sorry to hear about Pichu. It seems a little early for dementia, he's not that old, but you never know. I read the links Catty posted... thanks! Some of it fits on Fister. He keeps me awake meowing half the night sometimes, but other than that, he seems to be OK - eats, drinks, pees and poops in his box and even want to go down now and again. Last week, he was meowing for me in the yard, though, which is very unusual.

    "The change seen with senior dementia is one of increased or excessive vocalizations, and not just a simple meow. Some cats appear to develop a separation anxiety at night."

    I hope you will find a diet that can slow down this and Pichu will be happy for years to come.

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    Gosh, Vio, I haven't seen you around here for ages. I didn't even know you had moved back to the states.

    I think it is pretty early for dementia. Could there be other things? Could it be arthritis pain, and when Pichu stands up, it hurts and it is distracting? Could it be a dental issue? Ears? I am sure you had him completely check over, just mentioning things.

    Please, keep us posted.


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    Sorry to hear Pichu is not well. Could he have had a fall or injury while you were away?
    I hope you are able to find something to help him feel better soon.
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    Prayers and healing energies for dear Pichu, that this is something that can be treated or managed without too much trouble and that he is doing well again soon.

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